Farewell Flowers

A floral tribute of farewell flowers should reflect a person’s life and loves. Camomile & Cornflowers specialise in natural eco-friendly all British flowers for people who love the outside environment. The natural tributes will be fragrant, delicate and completely biodegradable.

I no longer use floral foam - it's a single use plastic that takes hundreds of years to degrade. It also produces micro plastics when put in water which can be ingested my marine organisms. Ultimately I feel that we give and receive flowers as a way of celebrating the ultimate beauty of nature, this shouldn't be at a detriment to the natural world

I can create all types of farewell flowers from wreaths to letters using moss and twine as a base - this also makes them suitable for natural burial sites. Below is an example of the kinds of arrangements I can produce but please contact me to discuss you specific requirements.

The farewell arrangements I create are completely bespoke so the price list here is for guidance only. Please call me for a consultation to discuss your special day in detail.